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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Curved iMac Is Here!

In glorious pixels and nothing more, for the time being. A pity, isn't it? Something as sexy as this should be sitting on everyone's desk, not to mention that we'd finally be looking at stuff the right way, which for us humans is the curved (cinerama) way.

As revealed by, the Curved iMac is a mock-up by designer Nuno Texeira. In the web site's opinion, "it looks simple but impossibly elegant." We couldn't agree more.

"Designer Nuno Teixeira believes every computer should be two faced and with more curves," says Yanko Design. "Taking a cue from the 1950’s CINERAMA wrap-around movie theatre screens, this iMac iMock-up features a giant curved screen(for better orientation to the natural curvature of the human eye) and a second built in LCD screen on the back".

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